Falcon Grove Pharmacy offers professional services to aid you on your journey to health.


Diabetes Support

If you are managing Type 2 Diabetes, we can help review your medications and diabetes management in order to achieve optimum blood glucose control.

We focus on education and self-management. Our aim is to optimise the patient’s use of medications and effective monitoring of conditions, addressing lifestyle aspects and answering any questions you may have. For more information, please visit our pharmacy today or give us a call on 9534 2386.

Medication Reviews

We currently perform thorough medication reviews in the pharmacy for patients using multiple medications, to help optimise their results and improve understanding of prescribed medicines.

Visit our Chemist for a review of your current medication. We will help identify and resolve any issues you are experiencing with your medications and advise on how to best take & store your medications.  Contact us on 9534 2386 for further details.

RUM Bin Project

Many medicines deteriorate with time, and this results in changes to their chemical composition, making them potentially harmful.

Disposing of unwanted medicines by throwing them in the garbage or flushing them down the toilet can be dangerous as they leach back into the food chain via water or fertilisers made from landfill.

The only safe way to dispose of these unwanted medicines is through the Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM) scheme. The RUM Bin Project is the easiest and most environmentally friendly way to dispose of expired medicines.

So if you have unwanted medicines lying in the back of your cupboards, return them to our pharmacy for free and we will put them in a secure bin for collection and safe disposal.

Webster Packing

A ‘Webster Pack’ is a fantastic, easy to use system to help manage your medications, ensuring you take the right medication at the right time. It contains individually sealed compartments labelled from Monday to Sunday and from Breakfast to Bedtime.

These packs are perfect for people who are on more than 3 medications, have trouble with opening medication bottles and packets, people who are having trouble with memory, or simply wanting to take the hassle out of organising medications.

For more information please come into our pharmacy and speak with one of our packing staff or a pharmacist.  If you would like to find out more information on Webster Packing please give us a call on 9534 2386.  Our friendly staff are here to assist.

Prescriptions on File

If you file your prescriptions in store with us you can also call up and order your scripts. We can keep them safe, secure and readily available for you to order.

When you go on holidays and forget to take your prescriptions, don’t worry, simply call up our store and our friendly staff can take them out of your file and fax it to wherever you are!

Deliveries To Local Area

If you can’t make it to us, we can come to you! We deliver free to the Dawesville and Furnissdale area.

Please call us to organise delivery to your doorstep by Stella or Christina. If you’re lucky you may even get your delivery from Nam or Daisy…the pharmacist! (Conditions apply)

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